End-Of-Life (EOL) Notice

As we continue to battle the impact of the COVID-19 and other economic forces there are some changes we are forced to make at Rapid Cloud.

Over the years, multiple services have been offered to our customers and many of these have been valued services, which have now outgrown their lifecycle and original programming.

These services are being discontinued due to changes in market demand, shifts in technology, international phasing out of legacy PHP and as part of the bigger changes we are forced to make due to the current economic situation in the country and around the world.

This notice serves as a formal notification of our decision to initiate End of Life for the below services:

  • Legacy Sales Tool
  • Legacy Clinic Management System
  • Multi Gateway Payment Platform
  • SMS Marketing Platform

Due to the reasons above, there will not be any direct replacement for these End-Of-Life Services within our product portfolio.

It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible if you choose to continue using any of these services beyond this period.

The objective of providing this notice is to allow for appropriate planning and the opportunity for transfer of data along with sourcing alternative solutions.

To make the process easier to continue using an existing service (if you still choose to continue to do so) our team can provide a complete copy of your data and the current service for you.

You will be receiving details of any affected accounts by email.

We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome news and to facilitate the transition, the below timelines have been setup to assist in the End-Of-Life process.

During this period, customers may continue to use and access services as usual.

Milestone Definition Date
Notifications End-Of-Life notification and process initiated 10/16/2020
Reminder Notifications Notifications emailed to customers regarding EOL process until the End-Of-Life date Regular Reminders
Service Suspension On this date, all EOL services will be suspended to ensure no changes are taking place any more. 11/10/2020
Data Request Deadline After this date, data requests will not be accepted due to time constraints for data extraction 11/12/2020
End-Of-Life (EOL) On this date, all EOL services will be deactivated; users will no longer have access to their accounts and any remaining data/code will be deleted irrecoverably. 11/15/2020
Disbandment of Servers Servers will be disbanded and wiped to prevent any data restoration. After this the servers will no longer be in our ownership. 11/21/2020

Process to request data for migration

Kindly send an email as below to request data for any affected account:

To: support@rapidcloudservices.com

Subject: EOL Data Request



EOL Affected Service
Account URL
Data Requested (choose option) [Database Only] / [Database + Code]
Email address of account

(this is where the download link will be sent)

Kindly initiate the information request at the earliest to avoid service disruption and accommodate any unexpected delays during data provisioning.

If you are no longer using or relying upon any End-Of-Life services listed above, no action is required from your side.